Building Brand Equity from the Inside Out

The right re-design/re-branding of your company’s intranet can go a long way toward helping employees feel welcome, respected and connected to the company’s values. And since your company has many more employees than sales or marketing people, doesn’t it make sense to turn employees into brand ambassadors?

Corporate Culture: Present and Future

Your company has a culture unlike any other. That may be good or not-so-good. Good, if your employees “live the dream;” bad, if there’s a gap between corporate values and day-to-day work life. Projecting your company’s brand identity through your intranet can help close this gap between intention and effect—enabling employees to identify with and live the brand values every day.

Personalized Information

Recent advances in technology, including Microsoft SharePoint 2010, are rapidly opening new avenues of communication within corporations. By pairing clear information architecture and engaging design with sophisticated permissions programming, today’s intranets present each employee with customized information tailored to his or her job. The result is a breakdown of “silo” departmental thinking and a surge of energy, creativity and efficiency gained through collaboration among empowered individuals.