How Does Content Drive ROI?

A recent report by CopyPress ranks content which provides the greatest Return on Investment:


Featured Articles62.2%


White Papers45.6%


Interactive Media36.0%

Sales Copy29.7%

Info graphics27.9%

Buyer’s Guides21.6%


Motion Graphics11.3%


As you know, the content types listed above are typically reinforcing elements within an integrated communications campaign, and are difficult to measure as separate generators of ROI. But you may find it useful to see how other companies in our region view the importance of these individual content types, so we’ve invited you to fill out our suvey of corporations headquartered in the Northeast. In this survey we list the 10 content categories noted above so you can share your views about content and ROI.

A related question regarding content and ROI is the role authorship should play in content creation, and whether emphasis should be on individual thought leadership or on the brand as a whole. About 2/3rds of respondents in the CopyPress study felt that by-lined stories from high-profile individuals at a company were most important, while 1/3rd felt that individual authorship was not essential. When you fill out the survey you’ll be able to register your view on this topic, as well.