140 Years


Shionogi, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, achieved 140 years of developing, partnering and commercializing medicine to treat patients with serious unmet medical need. To commemorate the milestone within the company, corporate communications requested a special publication focused on the company’s growth from a local wholesale medicine distributor in Osaka, Japan to a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry.


Wyant Simboli created a corporate history book combining narrative and imagery from the company archive with storytelling that emphasized the brand along with Japanese art and culture. We employed time-honored design and printing techniques with simple, elegant typography and calligraphy, rich black and white photographs, revealing die-cuts, folding and foil stamping. Traditional Japanese hand-stitched binding added a tactile quality not often used in modern print communications. The book was packaged with a letter from the CEO and presented to each employee as a memento of the 140 Year celebration.

We are especially pleased to have been recognized by the Connecticut Art Directors’ Club with the prestigious Best in Show award for 2019.